International Admission - Visas & Documentation

Financial Documents

All international applicants who want to have UNCW sponsor their F-1 visa are required to:

  • Provide a letter of financial support (if not providing funds personally).
  • Attach a document from a financial institution (typically a letter from a bank) verifying that funds are available for study at UNCW.

These documents provide evidence of the applicant's ability to pay for all expenses for at least one year of study, including expenses for any dependents who might accompany him or her.

Until a completed International Student Data Form and accompanying financial documents are received proving an applicant has at least $38,955 available, a Form I-20 for securing a visa cannot be issued.

All documents above will be handled through the Office of International Programs after a student is admitted.


The I-20 for an F-1 visa will be issued only when all requirements have been met. Once an applicant is admitted, an acceptance letter, along with the I-20, will be sent to the student.

Next, the student must take the information to the home country consulate or embassy, where the decision is made whether or not to grant the F-1 visa to the student. Please note that securing an appointment in your native country with the embassy or consulate may take time and cause unforeseen delays.

No UNCW Visa Sponsorship Wanted?

International students who want to attend UNCW in a legal status other than F-1 student (e.g., H4, E2, L2, etc.) do not need to submit proof of financial support or the International Student Data Form. They must provide a copy of their current visa.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Students

UNCW ESL students who have been accepted to a UNCW degree program must submit the International Student Data Form and financial documents to the Office of Admissions so that the Office of International Programs can issue them a new I-20 reflecting the change of degree level.