Defer Your Enrollment

Each year, some admitted students want to defer their enrollment to UNCW for personal or family medical issues, to travel abroad, complete military service, an internship, or perhaps work to contribute to the cost of attending college. Whatever the reason might be, the process to request an academic deferral is as follows:

  1. Submit this online form requesting permission to defer enrollment for either one full year (Fall to Fall, or Spring to Spring) or one full semester (Fall to Spring), clearly stating the reason(s) for the request. Requests submitted after August 25 will be considered on a case by case basis. Please note that First Year Spring Admit students can only request a one year deferral to begin the following Spring semester; they may not defer to Fall.
  2. Understand that the $100 enrollment deposit must be paid by June 1st or upon submission of the online form in the year of original application/acceptance. The deposit will be waived for the following year if a deferral request is granted. The housing contract fee and the orientation fees are not refundable.
  3. Wait for a response from the Director before committing to other plans, as requests to defer admission are not automatically approved.
  4. Students must submit three items by February 1st in order to uphold their deferred status and remain eligible for enrollment:
  5. Understand that any financial aid and scholarship awards do not carry over to the following year. Students must reapply for financial aid.
  6. For Fall to Fall deferrals ONLY: Students deferring for a full academic year (Fall to Fall) are not permitted to enroll in any other degree seeking course of study at another institution during this time. Students who take more than 8 collegiate credit hours after graduation, regardless of whether or not they are transferable credits, will lose their deferred status as well as their status as a freshman student, and must then reapply to UNCW as a transfer student under a different set of credentials. UNCW will ONLY give credit for up to 8 hours earned post high school graduation.
  7. After receiving the three items in Step 4, the Office of Admissions will send you an updated notification letter via U.S Mail. Please follow the instructions and deadlines (housing and orientation) on your TEAL TICKET to enroll, disregarding Step 1, as you should have already paid your enrollment deposit the previous year.

*Please note that once you have requested to defer your enrollment, you are not able to cancel this request or move back to your previously admitted term.