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The UNCW community is dedicated to supporting "Seahawks Who Serve", having created specific admission processes for both active-duty and veteran members of the armed services. First Year students interest in UNCW and active duty or Army Reserve service are eligible to participate in the program below.

Concurrent Admissions Program for Army Enlistees (ConAp)

ConAP is a partnership between Army Recruiting Command and over 1900 participating colleges, including UNCW, to mutually advance the goals of lifelong learning and postsecondary education for Future Soldiers. ConAP goals are to increase enlistment of college-capable active duty and Reserve Soldiers, increase the number of Army Soldiers, veterans and Reserve Soldiers enrolled in college, and increase the use of Army education benefits.

How ConAP Works

When you enlist for active duty or Army Reserve service, a recruiter will encourage you to plan for your future education. Future Soldiers should complete the College Referral and Intent to Enroll form stating their intent to enroll in college during or after their enlistment. The College ConAP point-of-contact (POC) at UNCW acknowledges your intent and provides guidelines regarding: applying for admission, beginning the college experience, using distance learning, and staying in touch with the college by email.

The Admission Process

ConAP participants must meet the UNCW Minimum Course Requirements, as well as the additional requirements listed below:

Additional Requirements and Considerations

  • Official High School Transcripts
    Admitted Spring Student Average HS GPA (Weighted): 3.75
  • Standardized Testing (SAT or ACT)
    Admitted Spring Student Average SAT: 1050 (reading + math - old SAT)
    Admitted Spring Student Average ACT: 22
  • Short Answer & Essay Questions
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Non-refundable $80 application fee