Seahawk Territory Alumni Recruitment Team
(START) - Overview

UNCW's Seahawk Territory Alumni Recruitment Team (START), helps continue a tradition of academic excellence by encouraging students to apply and attend your alma mater. As a member of START you can help provide the personal attention, encouragement, and UNCW stories that might make the difference between a student choosing UNCW or another university. This program is successful largely in part because of the alumni participation, and it is an invaluable element that allows UNCW to continue to surpass our undergraduate enrollment goals.

The UNCW Office of Admissions & Alumni Association are looking for Seahawks to share their own undergraduate or graduate experience while meeting prospective students and families. If you are interested, SIGN UP TODAY!


Members of START assist the UNCW Office of Admissions in recruiting academically-talented students for the university. Members range from alumni of a traditional undergraduate programs to parents of those same graduates. It is the personal Seahawk touch that the START program provides that oftentimes encourages a student to visit, apply, and ultimately accept an offer of admission.

As a START member, you are an ambassador for UNCW. Specific recruitment activities include but are not limited to:

  • Attending college fairs to represent UNCW
  • Attending Admissions events
  • Encouraging qualified students in your area to apply to UNCW
  • Engaging in contact with students who have been offered admission (phone calls, emails, etc.)

Time Commitment

START members are asked to participate in a variety of recruitment activities each year. The average commitment for members is approximately 10 hours each year, and is based on the amount of volunteer opportunities in your area.

While the volunteer opportunities may vary, we encourage you to share your ideas and thoughts on recruitment and become as involved as your time allows. It is important that all START members are trained and updated on any new UNCW information provided by the Office of Admissions when it becomes available.

START Members Share UNCW Memories

What is your most memorable UNCW experience?

  • "Being a part of organizations that created positive change in the neighboring communities." - Nicole Jones
  • "Experiencing my first beach blast in 2006, it definitely introduced me to the culture of being a Seahawk and provided me with an everlasting memory as my introduction to UNC-Wonderful!" - Tony McNeal

Describe relationships that you were able to develop with faculty, staff and students at UNCW.

  • "The relationships built with the faculty and staff of the university, were like none other. I felt a very much close knit relationship with the staff. There was always a level of comfort that I experienced with faculty as they were very open to providing me with the necessary tools and resources inside and outside of the classroom." - Tony McNeal
  • "The relationships I formed with faculty from class, volunteer projects, and on campus events have been lifelong relationships formed. Smaller class sizes and a smaller university population allowed for more personal interactions to occur with faculty and students and thus allowed a more encompassing learning experience." -Stephanie Nmashie

Do you have any advice for future Seahawks?

  • "Embrace it all! Find opportunities to engage in things that you're interested in and care about. Start with what you enjoyed in high school, whether it was the arts, student media, or sports. Take the time to explore different academic areas and wander, but do it intentionally as you work to discover your major and entertain potential career paths." - Anna Young
  • "Take advantage of faculty and staff looking to invest in dedicated students. It is all about developing intentional, genuine relationships with others."
    - Brandon Bell