Admitted to UNCW? Congratulations! What's Next?

  • Accepting Your Offer of Admission

    To accept your offer of admission log in to your mySeaport account to access your Teal Ticket enrollment checklist. Your login credentials for mySeaport can be found on your acceptance letter. Once logged in, click the Teal Ticket tab and follow the steps for enrollment:

    • Register for Orientation

      You must wait 24 hours after your enrollment deposit has been paid to sign-up for your required Transfer Orientation. Please see our website to learn more about what to expect at orientation.

      Before attending your transfer orientation you are required to submit your Health and Immunization Records to the Student Health Office. 

      • Housing

        On-Campus Housing 

        We know, through many decades of research, that students who reside and eat on-campus make a smoother transition to University life, develop strong friendships, achieve higher grade point averages, and persist to graduation at higher rates. UNC Wilmington has implemented a One-Year Residency Requirement for Transfer students enrolling in the fall with less than 60 transferable credit hours. Any main campus transfer student enrolling at UNC Wilmington for the fall semester who has received less than 60 transferable credits before their enrollment at UNCW must apply for on-campus housing unless they meet one of the exceptions. Allow 3-5 days after paying your enrollment deposit to apply for on-campus housing.

        If space is available, transfer students with more than 60 credit hours are invited, but not required to live on campus. Transfer students beginning UNCW in the Summer or Spring semesters are invited, but not required to live on campus. Transfer students enrolling in an Extension or Online Accelerated program are exempt from this requirement.

        Off-Campus Housing 

        If you don’t fall under the One-Year Residency Requirement for on-campus housing or are exempt from the requirement and do not wish to live on-campus, resources for finding off-campus housing are available through The Perch in the Office of the Dean of Students.

        • Other Enrollment Information

          Within mySeaport, students can also access their UNCW e-mail, calendar, and read about campus news and events. If you have trouble logging in or using the tools in mySeaport, contact the Technology Assistance Center (TAC) at

          We understand how important it is to see how your credits have transferred from your previous institution(s). Follow the instructions here to access and view your degree audit. Please review your degree audit to verify how your transfer courses were applied to your degree requirements. If you have any questions regarding your evaluation, please contact us at

          In addition to completing the enrollment steps above: 

          • Visit UNCW for an official campus tour if you have not already. If you are not able to physically visit campus, check out our virtual tour.
          • Remember to check your UNCW e-mail often, as important communication from various UNCW departments will be sent there, including UNCW financial aid award package and advising information.
          • Explore opportunities for getting involved through the UNCW Campus Activities & Involvement Center (CAIC). CAIC is the student gateway to entertainment, involvement, and leadership on campus and provides opportunities for students to participate actively and grow personally through a variety of experiences.
          • Want to Update Your Application or Decline Your Admission?

            Transfer students have the option to update their application for up to two consecutive semesters. Updating means that you do not need to reapply or pay the application fee again, but we will re-review your application for your future term. Additional transcripts may be requested if applicable. Please note that enrollment deposits and orientation fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. To request an update to your application term, please use the semester update form.

            If you are not currently planning to attend UNCW for this term or any future term, please let us know using the Decline Admission form. We will update your record to reflect that you are not planning to attend UNCW.