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Program Details

Frequently Asked Questions

This certificate is designed to provide you with several things: knowledge of the industry, real-world experience working in the industry, a portfolio to show your experience, and an array of skills required for jobs in the industry.

Yes you can do this program 100% virtually.

Easy. There are many options for this. Even if you are working full time you can still complete the internship. We have many students that have successfully completed virtual internships.

Yes there are. We have tournaments, teams, a club, etc. and UNCW Esports needs help with all of it! Students in our courses are able to help run events, stream, manage teams, etc.

No. You can take the courses in any order.

Courses are offered in the following order though keep in mind this may change depending on faculty availability.

  • Fall - MIT 570, MIT 575
  • Spring - MIT 571, MIT /572, MIT 575
  • Summer - MIT 573, MIT 574, MIT 575