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A student works with a microscope in a chemistry lab

Chemistry, B.A. with Teacher Licensure

Our alumni work as:

Take complex concepts and present them in a way for optimal understanding, using your knowledge of chemistry to create meaningful lesson plans and show practical applications. (Source)

Teach students about the behavior and properties of matter and energy in courses that focus on subdivisions of the college-level chemistry curriculum. (Source)

Recruitment, appointment and retention of academic administrators, faculty and staff for their college or school.

program completion feature
program completion feature

Learn To

Includes 61-Hour Chemistry Major; 21 Collateral Hours

Demonstrate knowledge of concepts in chemistry

Apply knowledge in chemistry to real-world problems and engage in rigorous scientific inquiry and communicate ideas in writing

Demonstrate the ability to locate, evaluate, and effectively use scientific information from accepted sources

Train in proper laboratory skills and safety techniques, conduct chemistry experiments, use various analytical instruments, collect and analyze data

Chemistry, B.A. with Teacher Licensure Program Overview