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Two nurses running tests on a dummy

Nursing (BSN) Prelicensure

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Prelicensure students gain invaluable clinical practice experience both on campus through simulation labs as well as off campus at clinical sites. Students are well-prepared prior to beginning each clinical course. Cohorts will receive additional, detailed information as they progress through the program.
UNCW degree programs satisfy the professional licensure and/or certification requirements in North Carolina and prepare students to sit for applicable exams. However, requirements in other states may be different. If you are considering a degree program that in order to qualify for a professional license and/or certification, please note that at this time UNCW may or may not be able to advise whether the program meets requirements outside of North Carolina. Prior to enrolling, please discuss this important topic with your program of interest.

Student Organizations

Students are encouraged to become involved in a variety of organizations that help them develop valuable skills and empower them to become future leaders.

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Nursing Honor Society

Professional Organizations

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Melissa D. Scott, PhD, RN, CNEcl | Program Coordinator & Assistant Professor

For questions regarding admissions, advising, transfers and program of study, please contact the CHHS Student Success Center at (910) 962-3208 or