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A student in a lab coat works on mixing chemicals together

Clinical Research & Product Development, M.S.

Work in Fast-Paced Clinical Trial Teams
  • 100%

    Online - Perfect For Working Professionals

  • No GRE

    Required For Admission To Program

Clinical Research and Product Development Program Overview
program completion feature
program completion feature

Learn To

Demonstrate competency in biopharmaceutical clinical trial research designs and regulatory affairs management to meet the health and medical needs of current and future biopharmaceutical product consumers

Evaluate critical domestic and global regulatory and health care issues that challenge and influence biopharmaceutical product development

Effectively assess and manage ethical clinical trial programs and biopharmaceutical development projects

Forecast the resources necessary for developing and managing biopharmaceutical clinical research grants and trials as required and regulated by global regulatory agencies

Demonstrate competencies in evaluating clinical research data and communicating results

Graduates work in:

Collect and analyze data to determine the most effective treatment plans. (Source)

Plan, coordinate, execute, and supervise the processes involved in the development of a clinical trial. (Source)

Responsible for overall conduct of the study at the clinical site, including directing the administration or dispensing of the investigational product to the subject and ensuring that data are collected and maintained in accordance with the protocol and applicable regulatory requirements. (Source)

Provide the best possible clinical care, that uses cutting-edge technologies, resources and therapies other community hospitals may not have available. (Source)