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NC State Engineering Course Registration


You are responsible for paying tuition for NC State DE course(s) yourself. This can be done in your MyPackPortal student account. UNCW will not pay it for you.

If you are receiving financial aid from UNCW, please read the Financial Aid Transient Study page. UNCW may reimburse you for the tuition upon completion of some paperwork including, most importantly, the permission for transient study form above as well as the transient study for financial aid form that can be found on the Registrar's site. 

  • Please print the "Transient Study Request for Financial Aid" form, complete the form, and scan and email it to Kyle McMahan in the NC State Financial Aid office ( Please also copy the Program Director on this email. The NC State Financial Aid office will verify that you are not receiving additional aid from NC State, then you may submit the completed form to your financial aid counselor at UNCW.

If you were dropped from a DE course and have a hold on your account due to nonpayment, you will receive a notification email in your NC State email account. If you are a late registrant, the following also applies. Please follow the instructions contained in that email step by step to have the hold removed so you can be re-enrolled. Some helpful tips are found here:

  • The NC State Student Services Center website contains helpful tutorials on paying your bill. Login to the MyPackPortal as instructed and pay your tuition. The amount due will NOT be displayed on the web page like a normal invoice. You will need to enter the amount due for the number of credit hours you are taking (the link in the email will take you to the Cashier's Office website so you may determine the amount). If you have questions about the amount, please contact the Program Director. Once your payment has been accepted, you will receive an email in your NC State email account acknowledging payment and this email will include a confirmation number.
  • Next, forward a copy of the confirmation email to student accounts at and ask them to remove the hold. Be sure to include your NC State student ID number AND cc: Dana Wynn and the Program Director so she can have you re-enrolled in the course(s). 

Because the course(s) you are taking originate(s) from NC State, the calendar on which NC State operates may be different from the UNCW calendar. This may mean that the NC State course starts later or earlier than UNCW courses. It also means that the course may end later or earlier than UNCW courses, and exams may have to be taken later or earlier than UNCW exams. It is your responsibility to plan for this when deciding when to vacate the UNCW campus or Wilmington for vacation or work. Most instructors will expect you to take the exam when it is scheduled at NC State. Do not assume otherwise.

Textbooks for any DE course can be obtained from the NCSU bookstore or other online retailers. The Program Director will send textbook information via email a few weeks prior to the start of a given semester.

Every DE course will have a course web page that will be provided to you on the course syllabus. It is your responsibility to check these websites often and keep up with course material. You can also access course websites via the Engineering Online home page. On the Student Resources menu click on the 'Site Course Homepages' link.

  • Just as a reminder, NC State will use your unity email address for all academic correspondence. You will not be able to use a personal or UNCW email address. You can have the NC State email server forward NC State email to another address. Login to MyPackPortal to do this. 
  • If you are having problems accessing your NC State Unity account or forgot your password, visit the NC State Office of Information Technology Password site. 
  • If any of your registration information such as name, address, etc., changes, be sure to update this information in the NC State MyPackPortal. 
  • When you take a DE course from NC State as part of the 2+2 Transfer Program, you are taking a DE section of a regularly scheduled NC State engineering course. Therefore, when you finish the course, you will receive a grade that will become part of your permanent NC State transcript even though you most likely have not yet been admitted as a degree-seeking student at NC State. If your average GPA in all of the NC State DE courses is less than a 2.0, you will not be eligible for admittance to NC State until you have raised your GPA to above a 2.0. This is a university admissions requirement. 
  • When you complete the DE course(s) and receive a grade, promptly request that a transcript be sent from NC State to UNCW. This is especially true if you are receiving financial aid and insurance coverage from your parents or if you decide to remain at UNCW instead of transferring. Doing this, in essence, completes the transient study process. Transcripts can be obtained from NC State through Registration and Records.