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Alfred and Anita Schnog Travel Award

My Schnog Paris trip was transformative. Honestly, I probably never would have gotten to go there without this award.
Kris Rafferty

Schnog Travel Award


Past Recipients and Funded Research Projects

Madison Stringfellow (Public and International Affairs major) - travel to Belgrade, Serbia to study Yugoslavia's endurance of WWII and the Holocaust; "Lost Stories of Belgrade"

Thomas McCallister (History major)

Hannah Thompson (Social Work major)

Kris Rafferty (English major) - travel to Paris to study the Holocaust

Kevin Gallagher (History major) - travel to Greece to study the impact of the Holocaust on the Jewish communities of Athens, Ionnina, and Thessaloniki; "La Madre de Israel"

Robert Murphy (History major) - travel to New England Holocaust Memorial in Boston and Holocaust Memorial Park in NYC; "Holocaust Memorials: Creating a Bridge to the Past"

Kathryn Fulton (History major)

Jacob Lamonsoff (History major)

Stephanie Taylor (History major) - archival research on women forced into prostitution in the Nazi concentration camps of Westerbork, Ravensbruck, and Auschwitz-Birkenau

Lynn Rawls (History major) - travel to sites in Warsaw and Krakow to examine how the Nazi genocide is commemorated in Poland today and the controversy that has surrounded it

Emma Cowen (French major) - travel to Lyon, France, investigating the French Resistance during World War II