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Applied Learning

CAS Scholarships

The College of Arts and Sciences encourages undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activity across the curriculum, and has established several scholarship programs to support applied learning opportunities for students.

CAS Students in Action

Alfred And Anita Schnog Travel Award

Select UNCW students are awarded the Schnog Travel Award to travel abroad and complete their research studies on the Holocaust that intertwines history and their passion to make a difference.

UNCW Research: Arctic Expedition 2019

In May 2019, an interdisciplinary team of UNCW faculty and students spent three weeks on a research vessel in the Artic Ocean where they studied the effects of melting ice on the surrounding ecosystem.

Venus Flytraps With Jessica Roach

Jessica completed two Directed Individual Study (DIS) projects focused on the restoration and conservation of local Venus flytraps while at UNCW.

Ornithology In The Department Of Biology And Marine Biology

UNCW Undergrad students within the Department of Biology and Marine Biology are integrated in the research of coastal birds.  These students experience a high level of involvement in marking the birds and studying their physiology, population sizes, movement patterns and nesting success.