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Wilmington Fellows

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The Fellows are active participants on the UNCW campus. They cultivate leadership skills and attend:

  • Academic lectures
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Other activities that prepare them for the rigors and opportunities of a graduate education or the professional world

Fellows are deeply involved in research and creative discovery, whatever that looks like in their chosen fields of study.

The Fellows are also an informal student organization. They:

  • Develop and host events and volunteer activities
  • Run their own meetings
  • Govern themselves

In addition to building academic and leadership skills, Fellows build a community. They socialize and mentor one another, creating a network of peers to call on.

Fellows are also often called to serve as representatives for the Honors College in myriad capacities. Think of them as the "ambassadors" of the Honors College. On a volunteer basis, they meet with prospective students and the Chancellor, give testimonials and reflections on their honors experiences and serve as examples for other students, among other things.

  • Earn a mark of distinction as part of small group of high-achieving, talented UNCW Honors students whose academic career goals may follow a different path than other students
  • Attend yearly receptions with university administrators, receive publicity of major awards and fellowships and receive recognition at commencement
  • Represent the Honors College to stakeholders, in media and to other students and faculty—be an ambassador for Honors
  • Receive dedicated mentorship and professional development from Honors staff, especially in preparing applications for national/international fellowships such as the NOAA Hollings scholarship, Fulbright scholarship, and other prestigious awards
  • Join a community—it is, after all, a "fellowship"
  • Receive priority consideration for attending honors conferences and other opportunities
  • Receive a scholarship of $750 per year, contingent on GPA

The Honors College will contact all first-year Honors students with the opportunity to apply for the Wilmington Fellows program at the end of the semester. Honors staff will read through applications.

In early spring, Finalists will be invited for interviews with Honors College staff and current Wilmington Fellows in early spring.

The application process is competitive. It will consider GPA, essays, a reference, college involvement, and many unique factors.


  • Must be a full-time student
  • Must be a first-year student intending to complete their degree at UNCW and graduate with University Honors
  • Must have and maintain a 3.75 or higher GPA
  • Must be a member of the Honors College and remain in good standing (although first-year students may also apply to be considered)
  • Must participate in Fellows events and required activities

We are looking for well-rounded students with diverse interests, majors and backgrounds in addition to the concrete requirements. Students with an interest in pursuing national fellowships/scholarships or graduate school are especially well-suited for Fellows.

We seek students who go beyond the classroom, getting involved in student organizations and community entities.

We seek researchers, entrepreneurs, artists, humanitarians, innovators, deep-divers, world-changers: students who intend to take advantage of every experience and opportunity they can during their undergraduate education.