Applied Learning Strategic Initiatives

Applied Learning Strategic Initiatives

About the Applied Learning Strategic Initiatives Program

The Applied Learning Strategic Initiatives Program forms part of UNCW’s portfolio of programs, projects, and operations designed to optimize applied learning objectives as outlined in the Chancellor’s Strategic Plan and advanced by campus stakeholders.  Due to the significant successes over the last five years of short-term, individual/small team applied learning projects (e.g., ETEAL-Supported Pedagogy Initiatives, the Summer and Spring Undergraduate Research & Creativity Awards (SURCA)), UNCW has acquired the expertise to optimize applied learning by focusing on the following three areas:

  1. Improving equity in and access to high-impact applied learning (AL) for all UNCW student populations;
  2. Scaling the number and increasing the scope of AL; and
  3. Enhancing the quality and demonstrating the positive impact of AL on student learning outcomes.

The Applied Learning Strategic Initiatives Program will support team-based projects that require increased resources and longer time horizons to implement. Awardees may receive up to $10,000 per fiscal year for up to three consecutive years.  Successful projects (time-limited) will transition into ongoing, operational programs.  Because building toward post-award sustainability is crucial, successful applications will demonstrate alignment between university- and unit-level goals, as well as a commitment by the functional-area leader, (e.g., Dean).  

Pilot Applied Learning Strategic Initiative Awardees

We're excited to announce the two teams which will begin their Applied Learning Strategic Initiatives in the Fall of 2018! We congratulate these teams and look forward to seeing their projects progress over the next three years.