Spring and Summer Undergraduate Research and Creativity Awards


What is SURCA?

The Spring/Summer Undergraduate Research and Creativity Awards (SURCA) are offered each year through a partnership between ETEAL and CSURF and provide funding to support undergraduate students engaged in research, creative scholarship, or other independent academic work outside of their courses. Doing laboratory research to isolate new antibiotics, performing a needs assessment for a community nonprofit organization, or attending an archeological dig overseas. SURCA projects can take many forms and there are a wide variety of examples, so take a look at our list of SURCA Projects past and present.

Am I eligible for SURCA funding?

Students: All undergraduate students are eligible for SURCA funding provided they meet two important criteria: You must be returning to UNCW in the semester following your SURCA project, and you cannot receive SURCA funding for work that you are already receiving course credit for. For example, if your SURCA project runs in Summer 2016, you'll need to be enrolled in courses at UNCW during the Fall of 2016 as well.

Faculty: All Faculty who hold full-time appointments on the UNCW campus are eligible for SURCA, so long as they are returning to UNCW in the semester after current SURCA cycle. For example then, to be eligible for funding in a Summer 2016 SURCA project, you would need to be continuing in your full-time position during the Fall of 2016.

How do I apply for a SURCA grant?

The first step in applying for a SURCA grant is identifying your project, securing a faculty mentor, and working together to develop a plan to accomplish your project. SURCA applications open at least once each academic year, so watch this page for more information and see our application instructions below for more details about how you can apply for SURCA funding!

Applying for SURCA funding

Are you an undergraduate student looking for research opportunities? Are you a faculty member teaching undergraduates that are passionate about their research or creative studies? Each year, CSURF and ETEAL partner to provide awards of up to $5000 each to project teams of undergraduates and their faculty mentors.

SURCA's goal is to enhance faculty-mentored applied learning research and creativity opportunities for undergraduate students. SURCA is committed to supporting undergraduate research across the diverse disciplines that characterize UNCW and representing the University's diverse student body.

SURCA encourages projects integrating students early in their academic career at UNCW, projects providing new or innovative opportunities for students, projects providing new programmatic perspectives, projects expanding upon promising advanced and existing work, and both individual and team-based work is encouraged. For more information about SURCA, please visit CSURF!

Coming Soon! Apply now for Summer 2018 SURCA funding!

Soon we will be accepting applications for Summer Support for Undergraduate Research and Creativity Awards (SURCA)! SURCA awards provide up to $5,000.00 in support to Faculty-mentored Undergraduate student research projects that take place in Summer 2018. Funding can be used for travel support, supplies, Faculty Mentoring stipends, Graduate Assistant Mentor stipends, and Undergraduate Student support. SURCA has funded over 12,000 hours of Undergraduate research and creative scholarship since 2014, so if you have an idea for an original research or creative project, grab your application and apply for SURCA funding! We have already approved six Summer 2018 SURCA projects from our recent Fall 2017 applications, so watch for the release of our next SURCA application call!

SURCA Award Instructions and Resources

If you are the recipient of a Spring or Summer Undergraduate Research and Creativity Award, Congratulations! SURCA allows us to support faculty mentored undergraduate student research and gives students an excellent opportunity to engage in applied learning. As you prepare to carry out your SURCA projects, please read over the above directions below to make sure your funds are dispersed appropriately and on time:

For Students: If you are not currently a University employee, you'll need to complete hiring paperwork with your department's Administrative Associate before you can submit a timesheet recording your SURCA hours.

For Faculty and Administrative associates: Please take a moment to read the above instructions detailing the process for purchasing supplies, travel, and the process for Faculty Stipends and Student pay.

If you have any questions about these Instructions, please contact Peggy Styes.

Current and Past SURCA Projects

Spring 2018 SURCA Recipients

We have a new group of SURCA projects going on right now in Spring 2018! Check out our upcoming SURCA projects in our official announcement here:

If you're interested in learning more about SURCA funding opportunities, check out all of the resources here on this page or feel free to contact

Past SURCA Recipients