Nursing and Social Work Patient Simulation

I think students really benefited from this opportunity.First, to step into spaces that were new to them. Also, what we were reading, the research and narratives that we looked at, the research we did in schools, really helped contextualize what they were learning.

Student Learning

Since the start of ETEAL's implementation in 2013, we've been striving to improve the quality of student learning and Applied Learning experiences here at UNCW. To date, we've supported over 70 Applied Learning courses, projects, and experiences with over 1,500 students involved so far.

Students in ETEAL Experience

Every student who takes part in an ETEAL Applied Learning experience has the opportunity to gain essential critical thinking and problem solving skills that can help them throughout their academic and professional careers. As students complete their ETEAL-supported Applied Learning experiences, we also collect information about the experiences and what students have gained from them. This will allow us to track the impact that ETEAL supported experiences have on student learning.

Applied Learning Student Experiences

Professional Development

For Students

By applying the theories and concepts of their coursework to problems faced by professionals in their field, students engaged in ETEAL-supported projects are able to develop skills and gain experience that can help them in their future careers. As we mentioned before, the immersive, high-impact nature of ETEAL experiences gives students the chance to practice and apply theories and course concepts to more concrete and professional tasks and problems. Whether the experience takes students across the world or broadens their horizons from within the classroom, ETEAL aims to provide students with opportunities that can have a real impact on their resume, and their future!

Art 282: Digital Photography

For Faculty

ETEAL doesn't just support student learning and development, we also support UNCW faculty as well. Through the Applied Learning Teaching Community, we're able to offer a wide variety of workshops, events, and resources for training, professional development, networking, and collaboration. Finding effective ways to integrate Applied Learning into your courses can sometimes be a daunting challenge and it's our goal to make that challenge more managable with our Applied Learning workshops, the expertise of our ALTC fellows and associates, and recognized experts in Applied Learning.

Community Engagement

ETEAL supports students and instructors who work with community organizations or with the community directly through a number of different initiatives. Whether it's through our ETEAL-supported Applied Learning experiences, our support of Social Entreprenuership at UNCW, or our partnership with CSURF and the Honors College, ETEAL strives to connect students with the world around them. Not only is community engagement valuable experience, it's also an excellent Applied Learning opportunity. For example, many of our ETEAL-supported experiences have involved students doing work for local Wilmington businesses as contractors or consultants, gaining real world professional experience while learning the concepts and theories that support their work in the classroom. For more information about ETEAL and community engagement, check out our Partners page!

Spanish Service Learning Showcase