Faculty Scholarship


Kathleen Berkeley, The Women's Liberation Movement In America(Greenwood Press, 1999)

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Kathleen Berkeley, Like A Plague Of Locusts: From An Antebellum Town To A New South City, Memphis, Tennessee, 1850-1888 (Garland Pub., c1991)


Kathleen Berkeley, Southern Cities, Southern Schools: Public Education In The Urban South (Greenwood Press, 1990)

Nationality of Her Own

Candace Bredbenner, A Nationality of Her Own: Women, Citizenship, and the Politics of Marriage, (University of California Press, 1998)

Mujeres Detras De La Camara.jpg

María Camí-Vela, Mujeres Detrás De La Cámara: Entrevistas Con Cineastas Españolas, 1990-2004                                       (Madrid: Ocho y Medio, c2005)

la busqueda De La Identidad en la Obra

Maria Cami-Vela, La Búsqueda De La Identidad En La Obra Literaria De Carme Riera (Madrid: Pliegos, 2000)

Health Care for Women International

Eleanor Krassen Covan, edit-in-chief, Routledge, 2 issues per year


Janet Ellerby, Following The Tambourine Man: A Birthmother's Memoir (Syracuse University Press, 2007)


Janet Ellerby, Intimate Reading: The Contemporary Women's Memoir (Syracuse University Press, 2001)


Leslie Hossfeld, Narrative, Political Unconscious And Racial Violence In Wilmington, North Carolina (Routledge, 2005)

Doing Their Share to Save the Planet.gif

Donna King, Doing Their Share To Save The Planet: Children And Environmental Crisis (Rutgers University Press, c1995)

Waccamaw Legacy.jpg

Patricia Lerch, Waccamaw Legacy: Contemporary Indians FightFor Survival (University of Alabama Press, c2004)

Sea and Land.gif

Patricia Lerch, Sea And Land: Cultural And Biological Adaptations In The Southern Coastal Plain (University of Georgia Press, c1988)

Nurturing the Nation.jpg

Lisa Pollard, Nurturing the Nation: The Family Politics Of Modernizing, Colonizing And Liberating Egypt, 1805/1923 (University of California Press, 2005)


Lisa Pollard, Families of A New World: Gender, Politics, And State Development In A Global Context (Routledge, 2003)

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Lisa Pollard, They Say the River Ran Red with Blood": Narrative, Political Unconscious and Racial violence in Wilmington, North Carolina (North Carolina State University, 2002)

The First Hundred Year of B'nai.gif

Barbara Waxman, 1898-1998: The First Hundred Years Of B'nai Israel Synagogue, Wilmington, North Carolina (Wilmington, N.C. : B'nai Israel Synagogue, 1998)


Barbara Waxman, From The Hearth To The Open Road: A Feminist Study Of Aging In Contemporary Literature (Greenwood Press, 1990)

Multicultural Literatures Through Feminist.jpg

Barbara Waxman, Multicultural Literatures Through Feminist/Poststructuralist Lenses (University of Tennessee, c1993)

To Live in the center of the Moment.gif

Barbara Waxman, To Live In The Center Of The Moment: Literary Autobiographies Of Aging (University Press of Virginia, 1997)

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