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UNCW Police SUVs on either side of the SeaHawk statue at the front of campus.

Health & Safety

View Police and Emergency Info

The university has its own police force, open 24/7 and located on the east side of campus (on Lionfish Drive). Police officers patrol the campus seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Locate emergency call boxes

Numerous emergency call boxes are located throughout campus as a convenient means to communicate with UNCW Police. Whether you need an escort, assistance jumpstarting/unlocking your car, directions or are experiencing a true emergency, call boxes are available for your use. To activate the box, press the button on the front and wait for an answer. When talking, press the button and speak clearly into the box.

  • View locations of emergency call boxes on the campus map (PDF).

View Active Shooter Training Video

Emergencies involving an active shooter require quick, careful responses. Enroll in Active Shooter training sessions (led by University Police) and/or view a training video on this site.

Sign up for emergency texts and voice messages

Students can voluntary sign up for emergency notification messages (texts and voice messages) through mySeaport:

  • Log into mySeaport.
  • Click “Register to Receive UNCW Emergency Texts.”
  • Provide/update personal information.
  • Click "Submit."

View more on various UNCW alert communications.

Learn about "UNCW Alert" (campus siren & more)

“UNCW Alert” includes nearly 20 different communications tools that the university may deploy during an emergency. Pay attention to emails, text messages, phone calls and other communications from "UNCW Alert." They are official UNCW emergency updates.

Explore Student Health services

Explore the ins-and-outs of student health services on campus, including making appointments, walk-in care, staying healthy, flu shots, the UNCW pharmacy and much more.

Access Counseling Center services

The Counseling Center provides confidential counseling services to help students build a more satisfying and successful college experience. Services include individual and group counseling for personal, relationship or substance abuse concerns.

  • Location: DePaolo Hall, second floor
  • 910-962-3746

View White House PSA on sexual assault

Sexual assault and dating violence continue to be critical issues on college campuses. The White House has launched a campaign, "1 is 2 Many," (view PSA on You Tube that focuses on reducing violence against young women. It encourages men to speak up and become a part of the solution when it comes to dating violence and sexual assault.

UNCW's CARE program provides resources for students affected by violence and information for individuals who want to get involved in reducing violence. Visit to learn about CARE services.

Be aware of violence prevention - CARE center

CARE is a resource center which provides consultation and crisis intervention services regarding, relationship abuse, sexual assault, stalking and harassment.

  • Location: DePaolo Hall, second floor
  • 910-962-CARE or 910-512-4821 (after business hours)

Learn about substance abuse prevention & education - Crossroads program

Crossroads is UNCW’s substance abuse prevention and education program, dedicated to the advancement of thoughtful and healthy decision-making regarding the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

  • Location: DePaolo Hall, second floor
  • 910-962-4136

Access Disability Services

UNCW is open and accessible to students with disabilities. We are committed to providing assistance to enable qualified students to accomplish their educational goals, as well as assuring equal opportunity to derive all of the benefits of campus life. The Disability Resource Center provides services to UNCW students with disabilities.

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