Capstone Course


This document provides a description of the Capstone Courses component of University Studies. In so doing, it differentiates between common component-level student learning outcomes and discipline-specific course-level learning outcomes. The goal is to encourage the development of challenging and varied University Studies courses that share common assessable student learning outcomes.


Capstone courses are a means to help students attain a holistic, integrated recognition of the key facets of their education over the course of their university experience, particularly within the major. Such courses should also provide faculty with the means to assess how well students have progressed in relation to the UNCW Learning Goals and a subject area’s core learning outcomes. Assessment methods may include portfolios, creative projects, research papers, or monitored field work—virtually any large scale project that involves issues of the discipline and requires the student to bring multiple interrelated skills and knowledge to bear for its completion. Some practicum (student teaching) and internship experiences may fulfill both the Capstone and Explorations Beyond The Classroom requirements.


The following is the Common Student Learning Outcome for Capstone Courses. It is aligned with the UNCW Learning Goals. Each course in this category must address the Common Student Learning Outcome for the category, and list the Common SLO along with course-specific SLOs in the course syllabus. Proposals for inclusion in the category will describe the opportunities which will be provided for students to learn the outcome (readings, class discussion and/or activities, applied projects) and list the specific sources of evidence (exams, papers, projects, quizzes, etc.) that will be used to determine the level of student understanding.

The student will:

• CAP 1. Integrate key facets of their education over the course of their university experience.

PART III: STUDENT COMPLETION REQUIREMENTS Students are required to take one to four hours from this component.


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