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Change default LGS to LDN

Starting in summer 2015, NCCC transfer students entering under the CAA with an AA/AS will automatically receive a waiver of Living in a Global Society (LGS). Students wishing to switch this default waiver to Living in our Diverse Nation (LDN) should click on the above link.

Transfer Equivalency Tool

External Equivalency Search Tool

Instructions for Transient Study

Admissions for Military Students

Admissions for Transfer Students

Questions? Please contact Dr. Cara Cilano at

Students on Campus

Advising Transfers and Military Students

Advising a New Transfer Student

  • Advisors should review the transfer student's transcript on SeaNet and run a degree audit. Please note that most transfer students have taken or are taking classes at their school of transfer in the most recent semester. This means that several classes will be credited at UNCW but do not yet show on the degree audit. Advisors should talk with the transfer student about their most recent course work in order to avoid unnecessary course repeats.
  • When meeting with a student, ask if all the transcripts have been sent to UNCW and discuss which ones have been received.
  • Look at the major(s) and/or minor(s) a student is interested in and see where there are gaps in their curriculum on progressing through their major.
  • Review the University Studies Curriculum and see where students have completed requirements and what still needs to be completed.
  • Please note that transfer students are waived from UNI 101.

Two-Year Institutions/Community Colleges

A maximum of 64 semester hours of credit may be awarded to students who have pursued their education at a two-year institution.

Four-Year Institutions/Colleges and Universities

A maximum of 93 semester hours of credit may be awarded to students who have pursued their education at a four-year institution.

Transfer Credit

If a student had credit transferred to UNCW, but believes that a course should be counted as something different, students should speak to their academic advisor.

If a student wants to take a class at another institution to transfer it back to UNCW, first ensure that it is not a class that the student needs to repeat. All courses that need to be repeated must be taken at UNCW. Then refer them to the Office of the Registrar's Transfer Equivalency Tool and the External Equivalency Course Search Tool.

Students are strongly encouraged to fill out a Transient Study Request Form in mySeaport. This ensures the course they take will transfer into UNCW and apply to their degree requirements. Approvals are made by the department. More information is located within the Instructions for Transient Study.

If a student wishes to study abroad and transfer credit to UNCW from their international experience, refer them to the Instructions for Transient Study. Additional questions may be referred to the Office of International Programs.

More information regarding the North Carolina Community College Articulation Agreement can be found online at the Office of the Registrar.

Advising a Military Student

Military veterans or students on active duty are waived from PED 101 and can earn military credit from their service. More information can be found at Military Admissions.

If military veterans or students on active duty have questions regarding the GI Bill, VA benefits, or financial aid, they should contact Shannon Miles at or (910) 962-3177, or visit Military Admission: Financial Aid and GI Bill.

If military veterans or students on active duty have questions regarding NC residency, they should visit Military Admissions: Residency.

More Links for Military Veterans or Active Duty Students:

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