Submitting Content to the CHWK

Any UNCW student, faculty or staff member can submit content to CHWK TV.

Please submit your information to us as far in advance of your event as possible. Bulletins submitted "the day before" will not see enough airtime to be an effective advertisement. We will take submissions up to the day before but strongly recommend submitting your message at least 10 days prior so your bulletin has enough airtime to be effective.

Option 1: Enter The Info Yourself

Users can log into the CHWK broadcast server with any web browser and directly enter their. The slide will then appear in the broadcast automatically. This option is great for our power users and any user or group that will frequently submit content as it effecitvely eliminates the middle man.

Option 2: Email Us Your Info

Not all of our contributors are power users, for many it's simply easier to email someone your info and have us create a slide for you. We have students working at the CHWK standing by to take your content and apply their creative skills to it. Please use the guidelines below to assist you in submitting content.

Text submissions:

Graphical submissions (in addition to the guidelines for text submissions):

Audio Submissions:

Video submissions:

Video Production

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