CHWK Screensaver

Do you want to catch up on the latest campus news and events but aren't near a TV? You can view The CHWK channel from your computer simply by installing the screen saver below. When your computer goes idle, The CHWK News Feed will be streamed directly to you.

Installation: Open the file you donwloaded and double click on installation package. The software will install. When complete, open the screen saver preferences in your operating system ("System Preferences" on Apple, "Control Panel" in Windows). Enter into the "Carousel Server" field, this will tell your screen saver where to download the news feed from.

Note: Due to bandwidth contraints the CHWK Screen Saver will stream news, graphics and weather to your computer but not video. Videos posted to the CHWK can be found on demand in the video page of this website.

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