Booking Information

To book UNCW's studio for your live-shot please contact the studio manager for questions, rates, and scheduling. For technical information, specifications and capabilities please contact the technical producer.

Contact Information

Studio & Production Manager

Dustin Miller
phone: (910)962-4082

UNC Wilmington Live Shot

UNCW offers national media access to faculty experts and delivery of live video from Southeastern North Carolina to anywhere in the U.S. and world through our uplink system. Our state-of-the-art HD broadcast facility on our main campus in Wilmington, N.C. is available for live and taped interview segments, whether you wish to tap into the expertise our faculty and staff offer on a wide variety of topics or bring another local expert or guest in to use our studio. Our strategic location on the Atlantic Coast provides an ideal opportunity for live shots from hurricanes, tropical storms and other weather-related events, as well as interviews related to marine research, biotechnology from the sea, the ocean environment, marine mammal strandings, offshore drilling, film, and the tourism industry. In addition, we have faculty researchers who are experts in a wide variety of academic and professional fields.

Studio Technical Details

photoThe UNC Wilmington studio is a modern HD broadcast facility located at the heart of our campus, just a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean. The facility is equipped with the latest HD production and lighting technology, maintained by an onsite engineer. Our studio has multiple uplinks across the UNCW campus including our athletics venues, cultural centers and event facilities. With the ability to use the whole campus as our stage, we can easily meet a wide range of production needs.


  • 3,500sqft facility, 1600sqft studio
  • 24 seat audience gallery
  • External and internal building entrance
  • "Truck friendly" cable access panels
  • Backdrops include an infinity wall, 3 cyclorama curtains, 20ft green screen, backdrop roller system
  • Access to nearby Final Cut and Avid Composer edit suites

Production Equipment

  • Sixteen channel HD switcher
  • Three Sony HD Cameras with Telecast Fiber Optic Deliver Systems
  • Cameras are mounted on Vinten studio pedestals
  • Cameras utilize Vinten robotics as well as manual operation
  • Uncompressed, ProRes, and DNxHD File-Based, HD recording systems


  • 24,000 Watt, 14ft Lighting Grid
  • 54 fixtures available including 15 fluorescents, 17 LED's, 12 fresnels, 4 scoops, 2 intelligent LED spotlights, 4 PAR floor lamps
  • 512 channel software based lighting board can be reconfigured on the fly
  • Powered lift available


  • 16 Channel ClearCom Partyline
  • 4 Channel IFB
  • 1 Channel IFB Phone Bridge
  • 1 Studio Phone Line Available. Up to 12 can be added by request
  • High Speed Gigabit Data Networking
Services Offered

Studio Live Shot

Our studio facility can facilitate your single camera HD liveshot or multi-camera HD studio production. We have uplink services and partnerships that can connect you with any other broadcast facility in the world.

Editing Services

On-site editing services can be executed quickly on any production filmed in our studio space. We support Final Cut and Avid software on four fully equipped editing stations. Our editing facility is bridged together by an 8gb/s fiber optic network and backed by a 135 terabyte storage system for using the latest collaborative and fast turn around editing techniques.

Dub Facility

UNCW Media Production maintains a comprehensive duplication and transfer station that can be leveraged in any liveshot or production application. Visit our duplication services page >
Playback Services We maintain a variety of playback appliances from common tape formats to the most advanced file-based HD formats. All of these systems can be leveraged for playback though our connection to Microspace Communications.
Videography UNCW Media Production can provide high quality, HD field videography that can be used to augment your live shot needs in addition to a library of stock footage detailing the beautiful Wilmington, NC area. In addition to single camera field work, a mobile production suite is maintained for multi-camera requirements.
Severe Weather Despite our reputation for great weather, it's not always sunny in Wilmington. UNCW Media Production maintains severe weather capability for on campus live shots as well as near-live production and playback

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