DAM Explained

Digital Asset Management consists of management tasks surrounding the ingestion, annotation, cataloguing, storage, retrieval and distribution of digital assets including photographs, animations, videos and and audio. Think of it as a search engine for your media

Responsible Use Policy

The DAM system has evolved into a multi-department tool used by not only a variety of academic departments but by staff business units as well. This system is essential for departments with a media mission. UNCW's IT Responsible Use Policy is closely enforced on this system. Using this system implies that you have read and agree to its terms.

Copyright policy Statement

UNCW Media Production prohibits the uploading and storage of any media asset that you have not created or own the rights too. The storage and use of stock media is permissible provided the creator has given a license that allows for storage on shared file systems. Users of the system may download and use media contained within. Note that some of the media hosted exists as a "demo license", please contact us if you have questions about use.

Credit policy Statement

We have a strict credit policy, any work created by another must be cited as it is stated in the metadata fields.

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Digital Asset Management

The Department of Media Production maintains a Digital Asset Management server that stores, organizes, encoders and manages various digital assets associated with production. We maintain an inventory of over 300,000 photos, graphics, audio files, and video pieces. Access to the server is granted on a request basis and is free to all UNCW faculty, students and staff.

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