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                                                         Welcome Class of 2015!!!!

What have we been doing?

Social Committee


Kickball Champions!!!


MonsterBall 2011

Best Year for Social Events? I’d Say So!

                  This school year, the Social Committee has hosted three major events: the annual Kickball Tournament, the MonsterBall, and our traditional Thanksgiving event “The Wagsgiving AfterParty!” Initially, we were extremely worried about the turnout we would get at these events, seeing as only a few people were signing up with Mrs. Phyllis, but boy were we surprised!

                  At the Annual Kickball Game, although we only had one senior to show up (thanks Jill!), the other classes supplied more than enough people to fill up teams! Everyone arrived quite promptly and the game began right on time. This year, we separated the teams into the freshman and the senior against the sophomores and the juniors, and let me tell you, the tensions were high. What began as a fun, nonchalant event quickly turned into a life or death scene; every team member was on their A-game. Tempers were flying, taunts were being made, it was serious. But, in the end, the true victors claimed the top, much to the dismay of a few freshmen. All in all, this was the best kickball game in UNCW Teaching Fellows history, or at least as long as I’ll be here!

                  MonsterBall also turned out to be a huge success! Again, we had some issues about people signing up to attend; only 20 people contacted Phyllis and almost 50 people showed up! The only reason this stood to be a problem was the fact that we ran out of Party Punch really quickly! The costumes at this year’s MonsterBall were so creative! We incorporated the Mentor/Mentee program into our costume contest, and if you can name it, we had it! Our finalists in the costume contest were Ashley Pack and Erin Davis, who poetically displayed “Fantasy Football”, and Charlotte Townley and Whitney Foster, who were the best pair of boobs I’ve ever seen! In the end, Camden Rottmann chose Fantasy Football to take home the title of the “Best Costumes Ever”.

                  Also, in accordance to UNCW Teaching Fellows traditions, we had our annual Thanksgiving get together. Sadly enough, we were unable to host a Thanksgiving Potluck this year due to scheduling conflicts, but that didn’t stop the Social Committee from celebrating Thanksgiving in the only way we know how: pigging out on sugar and giggling over the movie “Elf”. We had 18 Teaching Fellows attend this wonderful event held in the Schwartz 2 common room and received rave reviews from attendees! I’d personally like to give a HUGE shout out to Stacie Gates for supplying everyone with their deliciously wonderful sugar treats!

                  The freshman class this year has certainly played a vital role in the successes of our Social events. I can’t imagine pulling any of these off without their attendance, so next year’s freshmen have some pretty huge shoes to fill! (And yes, I DO believe there will be freshmen next year! Gotta have faith, gotta have faith!) I can’t wait to see what the Spring Semester holds for the Social Committee!

Submitted by Nikki Parker- Sophomore

Fundraising Committee


Ghost Battleship Fundraiser!!!

This semester, Fundraising kicked things off with Frank Card Sales. Committee members sold to their friends and family in the area, and set up a table in the Fisher Courtyard in an effort to sell to students and faculty. For the first time, Fellows also dressed as ghouls and zombies to work on the USS North Carolina for their annual Ghost Ship. The event truly was “spook-tacular,” earning us almost $2,000! Again this year, fundraising partnered with the Battleship ½ Marathon. Fellows stood on the sidelines, passing out water, and encouraging the marathon runners. In turn, we earned $300! Most recently, Fundraising held a Fuzzy Peach Night in which we gained 15% of proceeds from the day. UNCW’s teaching Fellows once again didn’t disappoint, and we earned $184! Fundraising Committee is already getting some new ideas in the works for next semester, and thinking of inventive ideas to raise those funds!!!

Submitted by Meghan Munch- Sophomore

Campus Involvement

The Campus Involvement committee is a new committee established in our program just this year. Our big event this semester was participating in the Halloween Carnival on campus. Students passed out candy to children in the community and interacted with the children by playing games. The committee has worked this semester in planning a Dance Marathon that will happen in the Spring where all campus organizations can come and dance until they drop. The proceeds from this event will go towards helping the Youth Enrichment Zone here in Wilmington. The committee is also working on planning more events that benefit both the campus community and the Wilmington community.

Submitted by Blake Bunn-Junior


The Travel and Conference committee has worked steadily this semester. We have had two great conferences. The first conference was for senior teaching fellows about student  self-mentoring lead by Dr. Marsha Carr. In the next conference, we were honored to have NC’s teacher of the year, Tyronna Hooker. She was able to inspire Teaching Fellows and education majors as future teachers to know each individual student and to teach and help them accordingly. The tips, words of wisdom, and experiences shared by Tyronna will stick with everyone who attended. Lastly, we wanted to give underclassmen the chance to speak with upperclassmen that are established in their majors. The Major Affair was held in the Friday Annex. We had more than enough upperclassmen to lead the pack. We have been diligently planning for our spring trips and have an awesome committee working with us! Go Travel and Conference committee.

Submitted by Ariel Weeks-Sophomore

Community Outreach

This semester the Outreach Committee has been on the search for philanthropic activities in the greater Wilmington area. The committee began with a volunteering opportunity to replenish Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, a local food bank. A select group of Teaching Fellows went above and beyond to collect, deliver, and organize donated items just in time for the holiday season. Later in the semester, Fellows volunteered to help local SNIPES with their fall festival. Volunteers participate in carnival like games, fall activities, and autumnal fellowship with children and parents of the SNIPES Academy of Art and Design. Our familiar friends from WRAPP also paid a visit and four UNCW Teaching Fellows volunteered to show the students all the “cool” places on campus. To wrap up our events for the semester, Fellows ventured down to Topsail Island Middle School to judge STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics club) research projects. The Committee is in the midst of brainstorming events for next semester; so far, they have big plans for a science exhibit at Cape Fear Museum, a revisit to Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, assisting with the Teaching Fellows Dodgeball Tournament, and other hopeful events at SNIPES academy.        

Submitted by Andie Faircloth- Sophomore

TFP 203- Math and Science

Anderson Elementary Family Science Night

TFP 203-Math and Science seminar along with the UNCW Science and Mathematics Education Center (SMEC) hosted a Family Science Night at Anderson Elementary. The 105 individuals, who participated in the science night, visited nine science stations that the Fellows created and hosted.  We also provided a planetarium for individuals to physically experience the constellations and hear their stories of creation.


Teacher’s Night Out              

We hosted our second TNO on November 11th, and I believe the Fellows had just as much fun as the 29 kids who attended. Teachers from 11 partnership schools enjoyed a night off as the Fellows danced, made crafts, ate snacks, and watched movies with their children.  It was our small way of saying, “Thank You” to all the teachers who help prepare us for the future.



Katie Brunner

Teaching Fellows President


UNCW Teaching Fellows Go Above and Beyond.

Here are some of their achievements:

Freshman Class:


Cyrus Taylor and Courtney Poland were named Freshman class representatives.

The Freshman Teaching Fellows have had an exciting start to the semester. For our first event, we played a game of Capture the Flag around campus at night with the Senior Class Reps (Trent and Reba) as our flags. Even though our game was cut short due to rain, we all had an awesome time and this was a great bonding experience for everyone. The freshman also came up with the idea of holding a campus-wide dodgeball tournament in the spring. The tournament will be held on February 25th and half of the proceeds will benefit the UNCW Teaching Fellows program and the other half will go towards building a park for the Youth Enrichment Zone. This event will require a lot of work from all the fellows, but we are up for the challenge and are excited to get started. For our final activity before the semester is over, the freshman will supply, assemble, and pass out Christmas gift boxes to the students that we tutor at Hillcrest, WRAPP, and WIRE.

Submitted by Courtney Poland-Freshman

Sophomore Class: 

Nicole Ottaway and Abbey Starling were named Sophomore class representatives 

Junior Class:

move in

  • Kelsie Carrigan and Lindsey Justice were named Junior class representatives
  • This has been an exciting semester for the Junior Class! Everyone is gearing up for December Social, the annual event for Teaching Fellows hosted by the Junior Class. The theme this year is “Semi-formal Holidays,” so we are hoping everyone will dress to impress and be sweet as students enjoy the dessert bar, filled with treats donated by the Junior Class. We are also very excited about the Talent Show, where the Junior Class will have representation from classmates such as Laura Beard, Blake Bunn, and Katie Brunner. As the semester winds down, the Junior Class wishes everyone good luck on their exams, and we hope you all have a great holiday!

Submitted by Lindsey Justice-Junior

Senior Class: 


  • Reba Schmidt and Trent Crumpler were named Senior class representatives.
  • Members of the senior class participated in the Senior Orientation and Senior Conference.
  • Congratulations to Jill Baldwin on her recent engagement!

    Over fall break, four senior fellows had the opportunity to travel to New York and visit Columbia University and tour Banks Street School.  They also were able to explore informal education opportunities like the Central Park Zoo and the Modern Museum of Art. 

    Submitted by Reba Schmidt-Senior