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Foreign Nationals

Inviting Foreign Nationals to UNCW

UNCW strives to bring diversity to our students, faculty and staff. Inviting foreign nationals to teach, lecture or perform will continue to enhance the quality of education here at UNCW.

Inviting someone from another country can be confusing. It is very important to have them fill out the Foreign National Information Form before they receive any form of payment. Please refer to the contacts below for guidance through this process.

Lisa Eakins
Tax and Financial Reporting Accountant
Regarding:  Independent Personal Services (Contractors and Honoraria)
(e.g. consulting fees, guest speaker fees, honararia)
Miscellaneous Income: Prizes, awards, travel expenses, and royalties
Email: eakinsl@uncw.edu
Phone:  910-962-2757
Charlie Ducker
Payroll Manager
Regarding: Employee Payments
Email: duckerc@uncw.edu

Phone:  910-962-7255

Matt Hinnant
Student Accounts Manager
Regarding:  Scholarship / Fellowship Payments
(e.g. tuition, room and board, stipend/living allowance, books)
Email: hinnantm@uncw.edu
Phone:  910-962-3794


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