Taking Flight is a Division of Student Affairs program.

Students standing in front of the Leutze Arches





"I think students that are getting ready to graduate, regardless of the program of study or where the student is in his or her current program could benefit from participating."



As a result of attending Taking Flight, over 86% of students feel confident in their ability to connect specific skills gained at UNCW to potential jobs/careers.



As a result of attending these (Taking Flight) workshops, 80% agree they are better able to demonstrate what they've learned in college.

Taking Flight


Why should I participate?

Become confident in your abilities to articulate your UNCW experiences. Learn how to better demonstrate what you've learned in college.

" I think that the real life experiences that our instructors shared with us helped me the most. As silly or funny as many of them were, the honesty stuck with me and I ended up learning a lot"

" The informal conversations and continual learning about various opportunities and experiences that I can benefit from and assist others to benefit from as well"

" It's really great to discuss and speak about our time at UNCW. I never really reflect on my time here, I've just stayed busy so it's great to think about how much UNCW has really helped to prepare me for what's to come. I feel much more ready than before"

Who can participate?

Any graduating senior (May, Summer or December 2016 graduates). This is a senior capstone program series to assist seniors as they transition into the real world.

How and when do I register?

Registration is COMING SOON for Taking Flight 2016. Register online here. The online registration form will remain open through January 2016.

When will students be notified?

All participants will be notified once in December and again in January 2015 to check on your night of choice for the group sessions. If you have any questions, please contact Diane Reed at

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