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Economic Barometer Newsletter

The Economic Barometer is a quarterly snapshot of local, regional and national economic trends. It is produced by the Swain Center's economic and financial team.

NC Economic Data

The North Carolina Economic Data Service is an economic development and research service provided by the University of North Carolina Wilmington through a grant from Progress Energy. The service provides economic data, graphs, and models based on twenty years of economic data collection in Southeastern North Carolina covering a multitude of categories and indicators.

Rob Burrus and panelists at the October 2016 Economic Outlook ConferenceEconomic Outlook Conference

The annual Economic Outlook Conference is our region's premier forum for economic activity and forecasts. The focus for 2016 was on one of the Wilmington region's most impactful industries - Healthcare. View the 2016 Outlook presentation slides.

Economic Presentations

View economic forecast presentations by Dr. Adam Jones and others from the Cameron School of Business.