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Dr. Laura Lunsford instructing a mentoring course

Mentoring Programs That Work

May 12, 2017
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

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Mentoring never hurt anyone.
People don't really need training to mentor someone else.
“Programming” mentoring seems fake.
"Assigning" people to relationships doesn't work well.
Statements like these have been made to me over the years and none of them are true. It is easy to think that mentoring will occur naturally and well, and that it is always beneficial. However, formal mentoring programs have an important place in organizational life and are key tools for leaders who wish to develop their human resources and retain talented employees. [Keep Reading]


Mentoring Programs That WorkThis program is designed for Human Resource professionals and other individuals who oversee a formal mentoring program.

This intimate and interactive workshop is designed for you if you are a new or experienced mentoring program manager who has oversight for a mentoring program and a desire to improve it. You will develop plans for designing (or redesigning) your mentoring program and learn how to support flourishing mentoring relationships. Other benefits from attending will be to develop your professional network by sharing with and learning from other mentoring professionals and to receive a complimentary copy of Laura's Handbook for Managing Mentoring Programs (valued at $50).

Program Objectives

The morning session will focus on developing a strong foundation for your mentoring program. We will clarify program goals, discuss how to engage stakeholders, and develop strategies to recruit, match, and orient the right protégés and mentors to your program. The overarching goal is to put in place the infrastructure that will enhance mentoring relationships.

The afternoon session will focus on two topics. First, ideas and techniques will be shared for how you can support high quality relationships while recognizing and reducing dysfunctional relationships. Second, a survey of easy evaluation/assessment methods will be covered. Every participant will leave with a:

  • one page description of your mentoring program with resources mapped to activities and program outcomes.
  • recruitment plan to find the right protégés and mentors (who, how and when)
  • strategy to make the best match between protégés and mentors
  • a program briefing to orient participants to your program 
  • methods to accelerate participant learning with enhanced crucial conversations
  • 3-5 ways to assess your success.

"A Handbook for Managing Mentoring Programs"

Workbook and Handouts


Dr. Laura Gail Lunsford

Laura LunsfordLaura has spent the last eight years at the University of Arizona in Tucson, where she was an Associate Professor in psychology. She taught classes on the psychology of leadership and the psychology of happiness, and she is a frequent consultant and speaker nationally and internationally on optimal relationships and leadership development. She was Duke University's Fuqua School of Business first alumni relations director and went on to found the Park Scholarships at NC State, where she was its first, full-time director. She received her BA and PhD in psychology from NC State and her MS from the UNC-Greensboro.