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Allied Health

The Swain Center works with the College of Health and Human Services to offer affordable, online continuing education units (CEUs) for social workers.

Upcoming Courses

The GATE Model: An Interactive Tool for Addictions Assessment and Person-Centered Planning

The GATE Model is a user-friendly, addictions-specific tool that enhances the options available to the professional licensed clinical social worker, for the assessment of clients in diverse settings, and the creation of Person-Centered Plans (PCP). This online course features an interactive, graphic tool that simplifies the process of identifying needs and allocating resources, within the continuum of care.

10 CEUs or 10 hours

January 1-December 31, 2014; $99

Instructor: Tab Ballis, LSCW, LCAS, CCS

Please visit here for a quick overview of the GATE Model

Motivational Interviewing Workshop

Motivational Interviewing is a person-centered directive therapeutic style that works to elicit client's motivations for change. Clients' responses usually contain reasons for change that are personally important for them. This self-talk can be used to address discrepancies between clients' words and actions in a manner that is non-confrontational. Motivational Interviewing is an empirically validated, client-centered form of guiding used to resolve ambivalence and build motivation to change.

Date tbd; $99