Swain Center

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Customized Training

Whether you are a business owner or a professional seeking to boost your personal career, our experts are trained to deliver complete business assessments in a highly-focused, one-on-one atmosphere.

We identify and evaluate a company's strengths in terms of allocation of resources, workplace communication, marketing strategy, customer segmentation, and financial health. Feedback from an expert outside source like the Swain Center is pivotal when it comes to developing effective teams, shaping effective leaders and improving performance and communication across all levels of an organization.

We offer the following services:

  • On-site Workshops

    Our workshops are customized to fit our client's topic interest and time allotment. Led by experienced UNCW instructors and field experts, these courses can take place during a lunch hour period, a half day, or a full day. Topics include Leadership, Finance for Non-financial Managers, Diversity, Time Management and more.

  • Retreat Facilitation

    We offer companies the opportunity to step out of the office and join us for a facilitated strategic planning retreat. We work with you to establish a prime location and agenda for your work team. Led by our talented UNCW experts, these retreats are energized and well-paced, with a commitment to staying true to the clock, yet designed to impart awareness and celebrate each person's unique talents.

  • Business Simulations

    Seeing the larger picture of the competitive landscape creates opportunities for leaders to assess strengths and prepare solutions where needed. Business simulations provide a platform to see a business as an enterprise. This wider view creates an opportunity to identify action plans that lead to growth. Listed below are a variety of interactive solutions that energize and educate participants in a way that can positively impact profits.

  • Online Short Courses
  • Executive Coaching

    Our coaches work one-on-one with leaders within an organization to support greater productivity and well-being. This working relationship increases the client's awareness of self and others and defines the framework that supports optimum performance and job satisfaction, from themselves and from their teams.


The Swain Center engages the United States Marine Corps (USMC) -- Camp Johnson and Camp Geiger -- and civil service and law enforcement agencies in continuing education. Programs offered to the USMC include the UNCW Certified Trainer Program, which bridges the gap between military and civilian training. The program provides students with the skills needed to translate teaching abilities and curriculum development skills from the military to the private sector.

For all inquiries, please e-mail uncwprofessionaleducation@uncw.edu.