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Business Simulations for Strategic Planning

Seeing the larger picture of the competitive landscape creates opportunities for leaders to assess strengths and prepare solutions where needed. Business simulations provide a platform to see a business as an enterprise. This wider view creates an opportunity to identify action plans that lead to growth. Listed below are a variety of interactive solutions that energize and educate participants in a way that can positively impact profits.

Apples & Oranges™ uses teams of four to six participants to purchase a business and begin their odyssey to manage operations to meet financial objectives. The purchase has its challenges as inventory levels are not matched with customer demand and costs are rising faster than revenue. Gaining knowledge about the business process and financial reporting contributes to improvement ideas that lead to improved profitability. Once the basic financial foundation is set, teams can apply that knowledge with scenarios that parallel an industry and discipline such as financial services, consumer products and manufacturing, retail and supply chain, knowledge and staffing and retention.
Applications: Improved communication across business functions

Cayenne™ examines the business value generated with internal initiatives. Teams discuss alternative solutions impacting the steering group, project team and organization calculating the possible ROI with computer generated real time data. Resources of time and investment must be allocated according to input of all impacted groups to deliver business value.
Applications: Business Strategy

Medici™ guides the path to innovation. Based on author Frans Johansson's bestselling book, The Medici Effect, the business conditions supporting innovation reveal current innovations that have created new economies. Diversity of perspective, recognition of personal filters and eight identified behaviors help identify the conditions to foster innovation.
Applications: Organizational Sector

Tango™ is an engaging business simulation where participants learn the importance of image and how to attract, build and retain employees and customers to ensure consistent business results. In this simulation, participants gain strategic understanding and ability to identify the right customers, markets, right solutions, and allocating operational and financial resources. They will also learn about the needs of valuing and managing intangible assets such as knowledge, reputation and image. The teams are operating in a competitive market and must attract, retain, and grow employees and customers to create sustained profit.

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