Summer Sessions

students playing ooze ball

Summer Visiting Students


Summer visiting students (those currently enrolled at another institution) are welcome to attend classes at UNCW for Summer School only. Prospective summer visiting students may submit an online application through SeaLevel.

  • Create a SeaLevel Account
  • Choose "Online Application"
  • Select "Create the Visiting Student Application for Summer Semester"

All applications are processed by the Office of Admissions and admission notifications are generated usually within a weeks' time from the date of online submission and are viewable through SeaLevel. However, if an applicant has answered 'yes' to any of the campus safety questions, additional steps and time may be required. Campus Safety Questions Information and FAQ's.

If you wish to continue your enrollment from Summer School into the fall or spring semesters, you will need to apply as a Permission student. 

Orientation & Advising

Summer Visiting students do not need to attend orientation; however, if your admission status changes to degree-seeking, you will be required to attend the next available orientation. Additionally, you will not have an academic advisor assigned. The advisor at your current college or university will remain as your primary advisor. It is suggested that you provide an unofficial copy of your current transcript to the Office of the Registrar, in the event our course requires a prerequisite course taken at your current college or university.

If you have questions regarding pre-requisites and/or the registration process at UNCW, please contact the Office of the Registrar at
910.962.3125 or