Campus Conduct Board Applications


Campus Conduct Board

The Campus Conduct Board (CCB) is a group of students and faculty trained by the Office of the Dean of Students, who hear cases of alleged violations of the UNCW Code of Student Life. Any student who has been accused of violating the Code of Student Life has the option to ask to have their case heard by the CCB.

Membership on the CCB is a great privilege, and offers many positive and challenging experiences to the students and faculty that serve. The knowledge that members of the CCB gain is transferable to many different majors and future goals.

2013-2014 Members

Courtney Ashley
Kyle Blackburn
Maria Canepa
Dakota Cary
Kate Couch
Christian Davis
Katie Gamache
Renee Garand
Laura Garmany
Kelsey Gibbs
Austin Hinton
Lauren McKoy
Devin Payne
Sarah Robins
Sal Serpe
Kacie Truelove

2013-2014 Faculty Members

Tammy Bulger
Dr. Anita McDaniel
Dr. Karen Sandell

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