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Do I have to live on campus at the host institution?
No, you do not have to live on campus at a host institution unless it says that in the NSE Website. Very few schools require on-campus living. We do recommend it, however, though in some cases it may not even be available. Additionally, certain institutions require that you purchase a meal plan, while others do not. This information will also be listed in the NSE Website.
How do semesters and quarter exchanges work?
Many west-coast institutions are on the quarter-system rather than the semester system. This means that they study in 10-week quarters during the fall (Sept-Dec), winter (Jan-March), and spring (March-May). A student can exchange to a school on a quarter system for either a full year, for the fall quarter, or for the spring semester (winter and spring quarters). If a student attempts placement for fall only at a quarter institution, s/he will be required to take 16 quarter credit hours (4 courses) in order to maintain full-time status at UNCW.
Will I continue to get financial aid?
Yes. Almost always, your financial aid and scholarships will remain the same. In rare cases, scholarships are dependent on you remaining in-state; for specific questions, see your financial aid counselor. When traveling to an area with a higher cost of living, students are often eligible for more financial aid.
How many schools do I need to pick?
You can pick as many or as few schools as you wish, though up to 5 choices are allowed on the application. Certain schools must be your first choice, because of their competitiveness. It is recommended, though, that you choose at least 3 schools, with your third choice listed as an open school. The NSE coordinator will be able to help you come up with the best list of schools for your needs.
I know exactly where I want to go. Can I just apply without meeting with the NSE coordinator?
Sorry, but No. In order to get placed at another university, you must meet with the NSE coordinator. This is for several reasons. These meetings will cover information about the application process and answer any questions that you may have. Also, there may be other institutions that would fit your needs, but that you would not have otherwise considered.
Do I have to be able to speak Spanish in order to study in Puerto Rico?
Yes, one of the requirements for attending a Puerto Rican university is that you provide a reference from a UNCW Spanish professor stating your ability to attend courses entirely in Spanish. While English is prevalent in Puerto Rico, you will need to have some fluency in order to pass your courses, and therefore we require that you speak Spanish.
Do students really study in Guam and the Virgin Islands?
Absolutely. For the last several years, we have had students attend both the University of Guam and the two universities offered in the U.S. Virgin Islands. They have loved their experiences, enjoyed their courses, and soaked in a lot of culture, all while working toward their degree for UNCW.
I would like to go to another school with a friend (or two or three). How does that work?
When you apply, we are able to link you with another student, so that you both will attend that institution for NSE. Most linked students attend the same home institute, though it is possible to be linked with a student from another NSE campus. In other words, if you have a friend at the University of Kentucky and you would both like to attend the University of New Mexico, we can make that happen.

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