National Student Exchange

Interested Students

  • All applications are online.  If you are interested in applying, please contact Kirby Snell to set up a brief informational meeting before submitting your application. You can find the application here.
  • There are two possible application time periods—Pre Conference and Post-Conference.  All applicant periods are for the following academic year.
  • Pre-Conference (Nov-Feb): Applicants have the opportunity to apply to any of the participating NSE institutions.  Your placement will be established at the annual NSE Conference in early March.  The majority of placements are done at this time. 
  • Post-Conference (March-Oct): Applicants must meet with the NSE coordinator in order to figure out which institutions are still accepting incoming students.  The majority of institutions are still available during this time. 
  • Along with the application form, students need to submit: 3 references (1 from parent(s) or guardian(s), 1 from academic advisor, and 1 from a UNCW community member), application form,  responses to the essay questions, and $250.00 application fee.
  • Pre-Placement Interviews will take place in mid-February.   The interview is a panel interview to assess a student's commitment to the program, readiness for exchange, and to discuss your placement choices. It will last approximately 30 minutes.
  • Pre-Conference Placements are announced in mid-March at a placement meeting.

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