National Student Exchange

So you're coming to UNCW for exchange: Hooray! No seriously, we'll have a good time. Beaches, warm weather, the occasional Will Ferrell sighting around town…

But before we can, there are a few very important things we need from you:

  • A completed admissions application

    You will receive a paper copy of the UNCW admissions application. I will highlight the sections that need your information and cross out those that you should ignore.

    Do not apply online. Do not submit either the $60 application fee or the $105 enrollment fee (that's good news, right?).

    We cannot get you registered for classes or assign you housing without a processed admissions application. Which means, of course, that this form, above all others, is the most important.

  • A signed housing contract and housing deposit

    As an NSE student at UNCW, you are required to live on-campus in the University Apartments. The apartments are close to classes and are typically filled with upper-class students. It is possible, if you request it, to choose your roommates, as long as they are also NSE students.

    Required paperwork: You will complete your housing contract online once accepted. Fill out and submit the contract along with a $105 housing deposit.

  • Your immunization records

    Please send a copy of your immunization records.  A copy of your health records from your home institution is acceptable. 

    UNCW requires specific immunizations, which are listed below.   If you have not yet received these immunizations, you will be required to do so at UNCW's Student Health Center. 

    If you have a specific question regarding your medical record submissions, please contact Gina Fargnoli in charge of medical records at the Student Health Center.

    • 3 DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis) or Td (Tetanus, Diphtheria) doses; 1 Td Booster must have been within the past 10 years.
    • 2 Measles (Rubella), 1 Mumps, 1 Rubella (MMR is preferred vaccine)
    • Menomune (Meningococcal meningitis immunization) or signed waiver

    • History of Measles (Rubella) is acceptable if physician verifies that student had the disease prior to January 1, 1994.
    • Blood titer tests are acceptable for Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Hepatitis B.  Laboratory test results must be attached.

  • The Biographical Sheet filled out

    This sheet will give us some basic information on you.
    Please fill it out and return it with your other admissions materials.

Please read through each of these sections carefully. If you have questions, feel free to contact the NSE coordinator for help, though keep in mind that we cover a lot of information here online and it's up to you to follow these instructions.

Return all paperwork by April 30, 2013 to:
Sean E. Ahlum, NSE Coordinator
Office of Housing and Residence Life
University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Wilmington, NC 28403-5959

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