Graduate Assistant for Housing Publications


Overall responsibility
Edit and design publications for HRL

Key areas of responsibility

  • Monthly production of Roomers during the academic year and distribution of these issues in all residence halls
  • Production of four issues of Roomers Plus throughout the calendar year, which are mailed to parents of on campus residents.
  • Revise the online Guide for On Campus Living on an as needed basis
  • Update contracts, letters and other official documents, which are sent to incoming students, current on-campus residents and parents
  • Gather information and organize a Procedures Manual for the HRL department
  • Perform HRL Web site updates
  • Distribution and design of various promotional and informational materials
  • Organize and stage photo shoots for promotional and informational materials
  • See to the annual update of the Living on Campus housing contract booklet
  • Provide input into the returning student room selection process each year
  • Other tasks that may arise related to communications

Consults with

  • Housing and Residence Life Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional staff
  • Housing and Residence Life Student Employees
  • UNCW Marketing and Communications office, UNCW Printing Services and Seahawk Mail
  • Many other departments campus-wide at UNCW when making a Roomers call for submissions
  • New Hanover Printing
  • Resident students

Term of employment
25 hours a week during academic year, and up to 35 hours a week during summer.


  • Must know InDesign and have a working knowledge of Photoshop
  • Strong customer service
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Familiar with networked computing environment
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Windows
  • Must maintain a 2.5 grade point average to remain employed. A GPA below 2.5 may result in a probationary period of employment
  • No current UNCW judicial sanction

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