University Suites

The University Suites is a mix of traditional academic year housing and lease-based housing. The University Suites are made up of 7 buildings that house approximately 60 students each, with the exception of Suite T that houses approximately 40 residents. There are 10 residents per suite pod which include either single rooms or double rooms that are all carpeted. The bedrooms in the Suites are 11 x 18 ft. for a double and 9 x 12 ft for a single with 10 ft. ceilings. Each suite includes a bathroom with two showers, two toilets, four sinks and vanity with included storage space. Each suite also has a common kitchen that includes a stove, oven, refrigerator with freezer, a sink, and cabinet with chairs. Each students bedroom will include a desk, chair, dresser, closet, window blinds, loftable beds, a telephone landline with included free long distance calling, cable jack, and a high-speed Ethernet internet port. Each suite pod has a common room which includes a couch, two chairs, table, and cable jack.  

The University Suites are home to freshmen and upperclassmen. The University Suites also houses several different athletic team members as well as international students. Several of our UNCW Sorority groups are housed in the suites and can be lease-based housing.  

Quick Facts

Agreement Type Academic year, and lease based
Room Type pod style
Class freshman and upperclassmen
Furnishings desk, chair, dresser, closet, window blinds, loftable
beds, couch, two chairs, table
Utilities Included Heating, air, water, cable, internet
Parking Parking lots EE, GG and the parking spaces on the Suite Service Loop.
Bedspaces 460

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