Office of the Registrar

The University of North Carolina System has developed a web portal to facilitate inter-institutional registration for online classes. If you are an active student at UNCW, you have the opportunity to register for an online class offered by another UNC campus. Except UNC Chapel Hill, registered courses will be included in your UNCW tuition for any of the other UNC campuses. For a full-time UNCW student, there are no additional expenses. The school offering the class will set the start/end and add/drop deadlines (which might be different than UNCW's dates).

The UNC Online Language Exchange, on the other hand, affords students the opportunity to enroll in language courses at campuses other than their home campus at no additional cost.

For an overview of this inter-institutional registration program and to view lists of available online classes and to begin the registration process, visit the inter-institutional registration portal.