Office of the Registrar


Leave of Absence Students

Students are considered to be on Leave of Absence if they do not attend the university for one semester and return the following semester, excluding summer sessions. For example, if a student attends in the fall, leaves for the spring, and attends the next fall semester. Please check for your registration times and status as well as class schedule information in SeaNet. In order to access SeaNet, you will need your student ID number and your 6-digit Personal Access Code (PIN). You can get your student ID and your PIN through a link on the SeaNet login page. In order to register for classes you must first meet with your academic advisor. Your advisor will give you your "registration PIN," which you will need to register for classes. To make an appointment for advising, please contact your major department.

Students who are absent from the university for more than one semester must complete a re-enrolling form through the Office of the Registrar.

Main Campus vs. Extension Tuition and Fees

A full-time regular-term student is an undergraduate student that is enrolled in 12 or more credit hours of on-campus courses or a graduate student enrolled in 9 or more credit hours of on-campus courses. These students will be billed according to the Campus Rates for tuition and fees for all courses (including extension courses) and not billed at the Extension/Distance Education Rates.

Students enrolled in a combination of campus and extension courses (not meeting the definition of full-time regular-term student) will be billed at campus rates for main campus courses and billed at the extension rates for distance education courses (section 800).

Note: Full-time enrollment status may be determined differently for purposes other than tuition billing; i.e. financial aid.