What does that code mean?

Instructional Method Codes

  • (blank) - In-person. Face-to-face instruction (real time and real people with instructor in the same room as the students).
  • WEBE - Web-based with some in-person class meetings
    WEBE will no longer be used as of Summer 2013. This code will be replaced with the following two codes:
    • WG50 - Classes that blend face-to-face meetings and more than 50% online activities with an assigned location and time.
    • WL50 - Classes that blend face to face meetings and less than 50% online activities with an assigned location and time.
  • OLASY - Fully Online – asynchronous. Internet or Web-based asynchronous (instructional materials made available on the Internet and available 24 hours a day every day—not time-dependent slots).
  • OLSYN - Fully Online – synchronous. Internet or web-based SYNCHRONOUS (instruction made available on the web or internet in time-dependent slots).
  • REMOT - Non-web based at remote site. Television, videocassette, CD, DVD, etc. (non-Web-based instructional materials distributed to the student at a remote site).
  • INHWY - Interactive real-time video (e.g., NCREN / NC Information Superhighway). Some members of the class at a remote studio with monitors used to convey two way audio and video signals

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