Office of the Registrar

Degree Audit for Faculty & Staff

SZADARQ - Banner/u.achieve Audit Submission Form

Degree Audit for Primary Program:

  • Requesting an audit for primary programs:
    Requesting an audit
  • Confirmation of request:Confirmation
  • Navigating to the "View Audit" screen:Navigating to View Audit
  • Selecting an audit for online viewing:
    Selecting an audit

    **NOTE: Even though there is a "Print" icon on this form, the degree audit is not printable unless your department has a network printer to Banner. You may print a student's audit via Faculty SeaNet from any printer.

  • Viewing the online audit:
    Viewing online

Degree Audit for Secondary Program:

  • Requesting an audit for secondary programs:
    Requesting secondary audit

    **To view audit, follow the same instruction as for primary programs (see Step 7 above).

Running "What-IF" Degree Audits

  • Selecting a Valid Degree Program:
    Selecting Degree Program
  • Searching for Valid Degree Programs:
    Searching for Degree Programs
  • Selecting a valid Catalogue Year:
    Selecting Catalog Year

Note: The 'F' in front of the 'FDprog' and 'FcatlYT' indicate that these fields are 'what-if' fields. Also, 'what-if' minors can not be run in Banner.

A few "What-If" programs that might be helpful: When running any of these three "programs", you will enter the program name in the FDprog field and a catalog year in the FcatlYT. These programs are not catalog dependent, so any valid term in the FcatlYT field will work.

  • TRANSFER: Produces the transfer evaluation
  • ALPHALIST: Produces an alpha listing of courses for undergraduate students
  • GRADLIST: Produces an alpha listing of courses for graduate students

QUESTIONS: Please contact Teresa Rodgers White in the Office of the Registrar if you get any error messages when viewing the degree audit.