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Appled Learning on the Beach

ETEAL Three-Part Approach

The aim is to devote a majority of resources to “instructor development in applied learning” as supported by the Faculty Senate, while remaining administratively efficient.  Early adopters and faculty participants include Jess Boersma, Kristen DeVall, Art Frampton, Tricia Kelley and Kae Livsey.

Applied Learning Summer Institute

The Summer Institute is open to all UNCW faculty and staff (including graduate students). UNCW-based experts and nationally recognized experts will deliver workshops annually. We strongly recommend that interested instructors participate in the workshops, particularly as they pursue QEP-Supported Initiatives described below. Workshop topics include:

  • Research-based best practices in pedagogy and critical reflection;
  • Developing plans to implement applied learning ideas in classes, with course-specific student learning outcomes; and
  • Encourage participants to propose funded initiatives.

Applied Learning and Teaching Community

The Applied Learning & Teaching Community (ALTC), organized by the Center for Teaching Excellence, evolved from one of our QEP pilot projects, Expanding the Professoriate; the ALTC is the second part of our model. Two Applied Learning Fellows are identified each semester, and the QEP provides either a one course release or overload pay for their contributions, which includes cultivating support and enthusiasm for applied learning and for ETEAL. The QEP also provides funding for a Graduate Assistant who works with the Applied Learning Fellows to manage and coordinate their work, and the QEP funds the ALTC newsletter. The ALTC encourages and supports colleagues to use best practices in applied learning where practical, and compiles and disseminates information (successful practices, pilot projects, etc) of those efforts. A common goal is to discuss, develop, and share ideas related to pedagogy and critical reflection with the QEP Task Force. Thus, the ALTC helps to maintain long-term sustainability of ETEAL.

  • Fall 2012 Applied Learning Fellows: Tony Atkins (ENG) and
    Jess Boersma (FLL)
  • Spring 2013 Applied Learning Fellows: Art Framton (BIO) and
    Anne Pemberton (LIB)
  • Fall 2013 Applied Learning Fellows: Kristen DeVall (SOC) and Jacquelyn Lee (Social Work)
  • Spring 2014 Applied Learning Fellows: Kristen DeVall (SOC) and James DeVita (EDU)

ETEAL-Supported Initiatives

ETEAL funding, the third part of our model, is available to support applied learning opportunities at UNCW. The Request For Proposals (RFP), for the Fall 2014 semester, is available here (PDF). Successful proposals are expected to include:

  • Intentionality of the applied learning experience;
  • Critical reflection about the applied learning experience; and
  • Student Learning Outcomes specific to the discipline and venue for learning.

Proposals can request funding to support legitimate needs in applied learning settings. Details of support will be refined on the basis of Applied Learning Summer Institute, and revised as needed based on emerging knowledge. Instructors with funded initiatives will be designated Applied Learning Scholars. As such, they will be expected to:

  • Participate in the Applied Learning and Teaching Communities (as mentors);
  • Serve as reviewers for proposals submitted in subsequent years; and
  • Serve as scorers for assessment of student learning.

Current and Past ETEAL-Supported Initiatives

Spring 2014

Instructor, Department

Martha Andrews


Candace Ashton-Forrester

Recreation Therapy

Bill Bolduc


The Swansea Blog

Jennifer Biddle

Public and International Affairs

Susan Catapano

Educational Leadership

James DeVita and Kimberly McLaughlin-Smith

Educational Leadership and Institutional Diversity

Bill DiNome

Student Media

Joanne Halls and Narcisa Pricope

Geography & Geology

Vince Howe

Cameron School of Business, MBA Program

Yoko Kano

Foreign Languages and Literatures

Jeff Nix

Health and Applied Human Services

Jeanne Persuit and Bill Bolduc


Mark Spaulding


Laura Spivey


Julia Waity


Becky Warfield, Lynn Hunt Long, and Rebecca Stultz

English, Health and Applied Human Science, and University College

Wilson White

Biology and Marine Biology

Fall 2013

Instructor, Department

Tony Atkins


Susanne Brander

Biology & Marine Biology

Kimberly Cook

Sociology & Criminology

Michelle D’Abundo

CHHS (Public Health Studies)

James DeVita

Watson (Higher Ed)

Virginia Holman

Creative Writing

Scott Juall

Foreign Languages and Literatures

Kevin Kiser

Biology & Marine Biology

Todd LaMaskin & David Blake

Geography & Geology

Jacquelyn Lee

Social Work

Christine Liao

Watson Elementary Cultural Arts

Bonnie Monteleone, Brooks Avery and Pamela Seaton

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Thom Rakes

Student Affairs Career Center

Patricia White


Academic Year 2012-2013

Instructor, Department

Michele Parker


Kristen DeVall

Sociology & Criminology

Darwin Dennison


Jennifer Horan

Public and International Affairs

Shannon Santana

Sociology & Criminology

Patricia White


Michelle Scatton-Tessier

Foreign Languages and Literatures

Women's Studies

Kathleen Ennen


Colleen Reilly


Rajni Shankar-Brown


Kae Livsey


Tricia Kelley

Geography & Geology

Tony Atkins


Stacy Mitchell

Information Systems and Operation Management

Becky Warfield


Kevin Kiser

Biology and Marine Biology

Steve Elliot

Physical Education

Sue Combs

Physical Education


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