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Applied Learning through Sampling outdoor materials

I had extreme anxiety early on in my college career about where I belonged, what I was supposed to do and where my passions were. This experience helped define that for me and set it in stone.

Resources for Applied Learning

If you are interested in exploring ways to enhance your applied learning experiences, and/or participating in ETEAL sponsored activities, this list of resources is available to assist you.

Applied Learning and Teaching Community Resources

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List of Active/Applied Learning QEPs

Resources at UNCW

While focusing on student learning goals in the academic sense, the QEP should somehow include all campus divisions, departments, units, offices, programs, resources, among others, so that the entire campus community is involved in the QEP’s mission. While it’s not necessary to explain how each and every of the following groups are involved, including some or all of them in a creative way will strengthen your pre-proposal (as well as the final QEP). This list is not comprehensive, but should provide a good overview of the many facets of the campus community that will be, in the end, involved in the final QEP implementation process.

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