Applied Learning in Wilmington Swamp

ETEAL: Experiencing Transformative Education through Applied Learning


The QEP at UNCW is known as ETEAL: Experiencing Transformative Education through Applied Learning.

ETEAL's Goals

  1. To improve student learning in applied learning experience through enriching the environment supporting student learning.
  2. To provide faculty and staff with information and resources about high-impact practices in applied learning pedagogy as appropriate to their discipline and responsibilities.
  3. To promote the incorporation and implementation of high-impact practices of applied learning throughout UNCW.

ETEAL Student Learning Outcomes

ETEAL draws its student learning outcomes from the University Studies required Component: Explorations Beyond the Classroom (EBC):

  • EBC1. Students will be able to articulate their expectations, the purpose, and/or the goals of the experience in terms of their personal educational development.
  • EBC2. Students will synthesize knowledge drawn from their coursework to address the issues/challenges/questions involved in the experience.
  • EBC 3. Students will be able to communicate the impact or significance on their personal educational development and on others in the profession or in the field at the conclusion of the experience.

What is Applied Learning?

Applied learning is a pedagogical model that places students in experiences requiring them to integrate theories, ideas, and skills they have learned in new contexts, thereby extending their learning.

ETEAL applied learning experiences include:

    • Directed independent study;
    • Internships;
    • Course-embedded projects that meet a specific real-world need;
    • Community-based projects;
    • Honors projects;
    • Study abroad (when it involves intentional and reflective applied learning); and
    • Efforts for innovative team-teaching undergraduate research.
    Core concepts of the applied learning objective include an enhanced applied learning initiative for students that could develop/sustain the following key competencies or academic skills:

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