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Develop A Budget

A sponsored project budget is an estimated financial representation of the proposal’s statement of work. Your budget should demonstrate how the University will achieve the project’s objectives with an appropriate amount of resources. You can download a one-year budget template, or view an example of a one year budget. A budget should also demonstrate that the University’s costs are fair and reasonable. When submitted, a budget represents the University’s best estimate for the project’s costs. If awarded, UNCW will be required to adhere to the budget’s structure for the life of the project. Therefore, UNCW strives to make its budgets as accurate and complete as possible prior to submission.

There are budget items that are commonly a source of concern. Please click on the links below for an explanation of these budget items:

Develop a Budget (PowerPoint)

Graduate Assistant and Tuition Rates (PDF)

F&A Rate Agreement (indirect costs) (PDF)

Fringe Benefits (PDF)

Fringe Benefits Calculator (Microsoft Excel format)

Cost Sharing and Matching (PDF)


The Office of Research Services has prepared a budget template for your use. (Microsoft Excel format) If you have questions about its use, please contact the Grant Development Specialist at 2-3086.

Important Note: Even if the sponsor does not require a budget, the Office of Research Services will still need an internal budget so that your Grants Officer (which will be assigned to your grant once it is awarded) can set up the award.

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