About the Program

The UNCW One in Four organization primarily exists to present "The Men's Program" and "The Women's Program" to other UNCW college students. This program was originally designed to engage men on the issue of sexual assault and to give them tools to potentially help a survivor of sexual assault. The program has expanded to include other audiences and works closely with the UNCW CARE Peer Educators in the Violence prevention Movement.

Program Titles:

How to Help a Sexual Assault Survivor: What Men Can Do.

Empowering Women: Learning About Dangerous Men and Helping Rape Victims.

Peer Educators:

CARE 1in4 Volunteer Peer Educators provide accurate and up-to-date information about healthy relationships, interpersonal violence prevention and advocacy resources to the UNCW community, in order to decrease incidents of interpersonal violence and enhance bystander intervention efforts and crisis response skills of the UNCW student body.  1in4 Peer Educators present educational programs to provide knowledge, preventative skills and support techniques to their peers.  The One in Four Peer Educators will present programs that are proven through research to increase empathy in males to help survivors of violence and also to increase bystander intervention amongst both males and females. One in Four Peer Educators develop a multitude of skills including but not limited to: leadership, public speaking, program development/implementation/evaluation, time management, goal setting, and team work.


Help women and men understand how to help women recover from rape. Educate men about social norms to help them become less likely to be sexually coercive with women. Educate women about the characteristics of the men who are repeat perpetrators of sexual violence.


Rooted in research literature showing the efficacy of all-male, peer education format that relies on victim empathy and increasing men's aversion to rape. Our main attitude is to address men as potential helpers, not as potential rapists.


Building victim empathy, teaching men how to help women recover from rape, challenging men to examine their own behavior and influence others.


Improves men and women's understanding of how to help women recover from rape. Significantly lowers men's rape myth acceptance and likelihood of raping for an entire academic year - longer than any other program evaluated in the research literature (Schewe, 1999). Fully 75% of "high risk" men who see "The Men's Program" report lower likelihood of raping after the program concludes -- an effect which lasts an entire academic year.


John D. Foubert, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Program Coordinator
College Student Development Program
Oklahoma State University
Willard Hall Room 314
Stillwater, OK 74078
(405) 744-1480

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