Office of Innovation and Commercialization

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Office of Innovation and Commercialization


The OIC strives to offer an integrated, "one stop shopping" resource for identifying, supporting, and enhancing the commercialization of technologies and solutions from the UNCW Community. The OIC facilitates entrepreneurship and commercialization programs for UNCW faculty, students and staff. The OIC also manages intellectual property, patenting, and licensing decisions at UNCW. The OIC assists in finding the appropriate business solutions, conducting market assessment studies, arranging incubator space, and providing various types of support including very early stage financing.

The OIC has two offices. The main office and personnel are located at the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In order to work more closely with the faculty, staff and students associated with CMS, the CREST campus, and MARBIONC, the OIC also has an additional office at the Center for Marine Sciences (CMS) administrative office complex (CMS 1121). The OIC office at CMS is shared with the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Compliance. OIC staff is available at the CMS office Wednesday mornings for consultation or by appointment anytime during the week. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a meeting please contact

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“You have all the reason in the world to achieve your grandest dreams. Imagination plus innovation equals realization." 

-Denis Waitley