New Faculty Survival Guide

Who can help me with the computer?

What assistance is available for organizing my first course?
Syllabus template

Classroom policies and syllabus Section IV,A5

Textbooks: Faculty Handbook Section IV,A12

Teaching assistance-Center for Teaching Excellence

Campus Pipeline

Where can I learn more about available educational technologies?
Office of eLearning:

What assistance is available with establishing my research program?
Assistance with grant applications:

Library services for faculty

Description of Research Procedures section IV C

Where are Faculty Responsibilities & Evaluation described in full?
Faculty Handbook

Where can I get the specifics about my benefits?

Where can I obtain my Faculty I.D. card?

Where can I get something to eat on campus?

How do I get a parking permit?

Who are the other new faculty this year?

Who are the faculty who arrived last year?

How can I obtain a faculty mentor who can guide me in my career at UNCW?

There are 3 options available. You can take advantage of as many of these as you wish:

  1. At faculty orientation, you will meet the discipline-based small group mentor who will serve as the group mentor for the first year.
  2. You can request to be connected with an individual mentor from another department through the UNCW FACULTY MENTORING PROGRAM at
  3. You can request that your chair connect you with a mentor within your department.

Where can I find policies and procedures for my particular School/College?

College of Arts and Sciences

School of Business

School of Education

School of Health and Applied Human Sciences

School of Nursing

School of Social Work

Suggested Questions you might wish to ask Your Department Chair
(Adapted from California State University web page at

1. What is the department's grading policy?

2. What is the acceptable range of a class G.P.A.?

3. What is the department's policy on syllabi? Are there sample syllabi that are indicative of what is normally expected of students in this type of course?

4. What is the policy/procedure for adding students?

5. What is the University's and Department's policy for dropping students from class at various times during the semester?

6. What is the department procedure for getting tests typed and duplicated?

7. What is the department procedure for making copies?

8. What clerical help is available?

9. What computer facilities are available to me from the department, college, and university?

10. What is the department procedure for petty cash reimbursement?

11. What is the procedure for requesting new or additional instructional equipment?

12. What is the department policy regarding office hours?

13. What is the department policy for asking for research equipment or funds?

14. Is there money for professional travel to conferences? How do I apply for it?

15. What is my responsibility for arranging coverage for my classes in case of an unpredicted absence (if I'm ill)?

What is my responsibility for arranging coverage for my classes in a predicted absence (if I'm going to a conference)?

16. What do I do if a student is a behavior problem in class?

17. What do I do if a student is injured in class?

18. Is there a dress standard?

19. What am I scheduled to teach in the spring semester? How is the schedule established?

20. How do I apply to teach in Summer School?

21. In what areas am I expected to advise students? Who can be assigned to show me the ropes vis a vis advising?

22. What are the department's expectations of me this year and in subsequent years regarding:



Department/ College meetings

Committee work

Curricular Improvement

Research or creative activity

Extra curricular/student activities

23. If I have a Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday teaching schedule, am I expected to be on campus one or more of the other weekdays?

24. What are the department's policies for retention, tenure, and promotion?

25. What intradepartmental, college, or university grants are available to me?

26. Can you suggest other faculty in the department who could mentor me?

27. What polices are in place concerning maternal/paternal/family leave?

28. What is the procedure for postponing a reappointment or tenure decision?

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